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19 m5 rims on 525i

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Can anyone tell me if a set of 2009 19" M5 rims will fit on a 2007 525i.

Tires are 255 40 19 in front and 285 35 19 in rear. I don't want rubbing problems and I don't want the wheels to look flared out way past the fenders.

Any knowledge would be great!

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You want to get 245/35-19 and 275/30-19. That is what everyone uses and the size BMW uses for 19 inch rims.
Aristippus... see my thread '285/30/19 rears on non sport 535i???'.... should answer your questions on 19" wheels and tire sizes on a E60....
You should also always ask "Sport" or "non-Sport" model. The non-Sport model has huge room to fit these wheels and tires.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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