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1983 728I Flooding like crazy!

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Hello this car seems to have no ground at the fuel injectors.If you put a test light on the two pins to each injector it has power on both sides.It seems to be some type of ground problem.I cant seem to find a repair manual anywhere even the owners manual is in german!Im guessing its a ground problem maybe in the control unit itself.I dont even know where that is.It seems this car is a German model and pretty rare at that.I would appriciate any help I could get on this I am in Nova Scotia,Canada.Thanks
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Its not a 'ground' problem as the injectors are 'grounded' by the ecu. (I think). Seems the ecu is holding all injectors open. On my RHD E28 735i the ecu is behind right front kick panel.
Try disconnecting battery terminals and joining them (the car wires - not the battery terminals) together for 10 mins (have a coffee). That might reset the emu. If not then down to the salvage for a unit. If you get stuck mail me on this site. Also get the injectors out and cleaned on a rig - they might be leaking. Change the fuel filter and flush the lines.
So disconnect the plus and minus at the battery and tape them together for 10 mins?
Yep, the cables from the car - do not involve the battery terminal themselves in any way.:thumbup:
Does anyone know where I might get a repair manual (in English)and parts,most notably,an engine control module?

1983 728i auto lhd

Bentley for the manual. Dunno ECU.
:rofl:Unfortunatley Bentley does not list a manual for 728i From the hours I have spent online,so far ive found one in Johanesburg and mine-I think they are the only two!!!!
Sticking my neck out here - the 728 and 733 were South African built - hence Jo'burg manual. Contact Nick323 on the E30 forum. he is in southern (not South) Africia and may be able to help. We get the odd SA build card here - BMW's and Fords. Most parts seem same as my E23 735i German build.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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