Its time to part with my project. I feel like I have finally reached a state of excellence. I bought a 1984 BMW 325e in 2019 and really wanted to spend time to build something to perfection, which I did. Now I want someone to really care for it so I can move on. I have touch every single bolt on this car. Everything has been restored. I have put about 1,000 miles on it since its only being used as a weekender. I know that my price is going to get made fun of but for me to let go of this beauty thats what I will take. If no one comes up with it then ill continue pay my $79/ mo of insurance and enjoy it.. I have done all the mechanical work myself. Only paint and interior were outsourced to reputable shops. Im in no rush to sell. Its one of those things that you say " if it happens, it happens". With all that being said I would be excited to see someone else have something I have rebuilt. Shoot me some offers and lets see how it goes. I can make a list and give a run down of everything that has been done but let me tell you.. It has all been done.. Every bit of it. Only with the best parts and OEM unless I couldn't find it. I will attach a before pic for reference of work done.. Tires have less than 25 miles on them at the time of writing this (7/25/2022)

Any questions just let me know.

Thanks for your time.