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1985 BMW 325e Blower Motor fitting?

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Car: 1985 BMW 325e
Problem: Blower Motor

Hello, I bought my e30 back in January and the owner gave me an uninstalled blower motor. I installed it and it worked fine except that anytime I put the speed above 1 or 2 the spinning fans scrape against something. I'm not sure if I'm not placing it correctly, but I've tried a million times. Has anyone had this issue?
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is the blower motor new or old and was it tested before it was put in the car...
So it's a scraping noise sure not a whining noise maybe bearings:dunno:
Whats the production date on the car..

Just trying to help here...
I had similar because my mechanic did not put due diligence into the installation.
It is a tight fit !
Run the fan on high without the housing and look/listen where is the scraping noise coming from. The fir is very tight and has to be perfectly seated/centered so it does not make any contact with the inside of the housing.
Also make sure that the fins on each impeller are not broken, there is a possibility that one might be falling out of place at high spinning speeds.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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