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1988 750iL Locking problem

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I could use any suggestions on our main problem with our 1988 750iL. We love it but the door locks are making us crazy. When we first got the car the front seats would not move and the rear doors would not open from the inside. I checked under the left rear seat and there were several melted wires and dirty fuses. I replaced the wiring with good wiring from a 1990 750iL being very careful to splice in the "new" wiring. The front seats moved after cleaning the fuses but the rear doors would still not open from the inside. At the time all our doors opened from the outside. I checked the child proof lock switches but moving them did not do any good. Last week all the exterior door handles but the driver's door stopped working. I checked and fuse 47 has no power going to it. Fuses 30 and 31 have power. Any ideas? Thanks A.J.
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Take off the interior trim of the door and see what moves and what does not. You can 'fool' the car into thinking the door is shut by moving the door latch with a screw driver. Dont forget to release the latch B4 trying to close the door - it just makes a loud noise. Leave a window down on a door you are not working on - just in case you lock youself out by accident.
Thanks, I will try that on the door locks/Fuse 47

Thanks I will try that this weekend on the door locks. I just wish I knew why fuse 47 has no power and where does it pull power from> Thanks
Fuse 47? where us another fuse box from the fuse panel under the hood? my 88 750 il had things not working and under fuses are okay
Fuse 47 location

Fuse 47 is located under the back seat, under the plastic panel held on by 3 phillips screws.
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