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Hello to all the BMW fans.
I am new to the site and I could use some help.
My 1989 325c has a new starter courtesy of the owner, me.
I was able to make the change without any major disassembly, just some intake and vacuum lines removal and wire harness movement.

Happy to report the starter works fine. The engine is running rough, idle is around 500 rpm with down revs to maybe 300 then back to 500.
I found a line from the canister without a connection to the engine. Anyone recognize this and can explain where the hose barb connection is for this larger diameter hose?
Would this disconnection cause a rough or low idle?
(Hope the picture is attached)

Thanks for your help


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It goes under the throttle body, almost against the manifold. It's really hard to locate without taking the throttle body off to acquaint yourself with it's location.
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