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1990 325i Convertible Rear Window Defroster

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My Defroster is not working on my 1990 325i Convertible. What are some possible causes?
It has a separate hard top, installed with 2 wires connected, dash switch light is only illuminated when head light switch is in middle position. Button goes out when pressed.
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check and see if the metal thing conected to two wires is still conected to the back window on the side somewhere you will see it may have unatached from the window if it did there is no electricity going to it so it wont work. thatas what mine did
Put an Ohm meter on the two lugs where the wires attach. Positive on one and negative on the other. You are checking to see if you have a break in the circuit of the defroster element. That may be why it wont work.
Also try the may be faulty with age. You can pick one up at the dealer or on eBay.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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