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In order to give an accurate picture of the car I'm selling I'll give a little history of how I got the car and what I have done to it in the last three years.
Located in PA, car is a 1991 325is, officially the "is" was not made in 1991 but this car was factory ordered with the sport package, hence it has Recaro's, basketweave's, rear lip spoiler, sideskirts, etc. I bought this car in 2003 in Tennesee from a guy who didn't change the timing belt and pushed the rocker arm shaft through the head when the belt broke. I had a 2.5 motor from another E30 so this was the car I was looking to put some work into. I'll list what I have done with the car and I"ll try and post a link to some pictures I have when I was rebuilding the motor. I have just about every receipt for the work I've done, at this point I'm not even sure of the total. My intentions were to make this a nice looking E30, I have worked on BMW's for quite a long time and this has been one of the most rewarding projects, I hate to sell it! But like a lot of guys say, I just got married this year and have an instant family so I have to sell the E30 because it's a two door, to soften the blow I bought a 1995 530i earlier this year. So here it is:

1991 325is 5 speed 40K miles

-Schwarz black with tan interior
-Euro "smiley" headlights, runs 100W H1 bulbs, with "Citylights" too
-5 speed manual transmission with Z3 shifter-shortens the throw significantly (car was an auto, bought transmission kit from Eurodepot 2 yrs ago, it included new sach clutch kit, drive shaft, center support bearing, all new bushings for shift linkage, new hydraulics, slave/master cylindar, replaced brake fluid with ATE super blue, new guibo flex disc, new transmission mounts)
-All synthetic fluids (manual gearbox, differential fluid, engine oil)
-40K miles on motor (rebuilt to factory specs, replaced all gaskets top and bottom end, water pump, timing belt, main bearings, rod bearings, new o-rings, valve stem oil seals, fan clutch, replaced all belts during rebuild, all new hoses, new exhaust manifold gaskets, new rotor and rotor cap)
-When I rebuilt the motor I stripped it completely down to the block and painted everything with high temp paint, I painted the valve cover low gloss black then sanded the BMW emblem down then coated it with a clear coat, I'll try and attach pics of the rebuild)
-BMP design racing chip (I'm not into racing the car and beating it to death but wanted to reduce some of the flat spots of the 2.5 motor)
-4 brand new Sumitomo HTR 200 tires
-Car was totally repainted original schwarz black the year before I bought the car, guy left the receipt for me in the car when I picked it up, he paid $2500, it looks absolutley great just even with a hand wash
-New OEM cat back exhaust
-Remote keyless entry with car alarm (made by Rattler), have not seen too many E30's with this setup
-Basketweaves (I reconditioned these with Wurth paint, using the silver with the clear coat, took a lot of time and effort but they turned out nice, one has a scrape on it from the guy at the garage who put the tires on, I still resent that)
-New innner and outer tie rods
-Replaced control arms (new ball joints and bushings at the back end)
-Bavarian Autosport 8mm high perf. plug wires
-Car has never been driven in the winter, kept in the garage
-Windows are tinted-they were like this when I bought it-not sure how to describe it but they are not blacked out, not my style necessarily but I did like that they applied a 6inch piece at the top of the windsheild, which keeps me from flipping the visor when driving into the sun)
-4.10 rear end, since it was originally an auto it has the 4:10 ratio instead of the 3:73 ratio, mating the manual transmission up to the 4:10 makes it quite a bit quicker than stock with a lot of low end torque, the first time I hopped on the gas after I did the conversion surprised me quite a bit)
-Has a new Kenwood CD player with detachable face
-I'm sure there is more that I'm forgetting but that is about all for now, I've put a lot of work into this car and would hope that it could go to someone who would enjoy it as much as I have.
-At this time I'm looking for the best offer, I'm not sure how much to ask right now but I'll consider any reasonable offer.

Here are the links to the pics:

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I'll take any reasonable offer, I'm not sure what to ask for the car, I'd like to get somewhere around $5500 for it, but like I said the price is negotiable. I'm going to put it on Ebay in a week or so if I don't get a serious offer, then it's up to the auction. Thanks for the inquiry.
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