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Hello everyone! I am trying to gauge interest in a Beautiful 'vert car, perfect for cruising around and looking good this up coming spring and summer! It is a 1991 325i Convertible. It just hit 88 thousand miles last night. 5spd swap completed about a month ago, with no problems. Tranny came from Protomor's brother's parts car. Believe there was about 160,xxx miles on the tranny, which was rebuilt some time ago, no idea though. Body and Motor have 88k miles on them. When I bought this car, it had been stored in a warehouse, surrounded by vintage cars(I actually remember it being parked next to a BRIGHT orange VW Bug, the really old one) and it drove all the way from St. Louis Missouri to Northern VA without a problem. Only time it saw snow was driving back from Missouri(snow storm), otherwise was kept in a garage with a cover on top. Barely driving since we got it(somewhere around 1-2 years) I would have to say less than 1k miles.

Soft Top is in perfect condition. Interior is VERY well kept, seats in really good condition.

I am really hoping to see how much people offer, MIGHT be willing to look at trades, depends on what you have(Must be 325i, NO rust, Must be manual, NO RUST at all, prefer plastic bumpers and 4dr, but not required) Otherwise, I was looking for hopefully 8k OBO.

Comes with-
Ireland Engineering Polyurethane Motor Mounts(Not installed)
Ireland Engineering Polyurethane Transmission Mounts(not installed)
Hard Top
Stock Injectors(still work fine)
Free extra Check Panel(Doesn't have the SRS light though)

The good-
Aftermarket BSS-replica Rims wrapped up with Toyo Tires(Lots of tread left, and Really sticky!)
#19 injectors
5spd swap completed about 300 miles ago, with absolutely no problems!
MAF from Ireland Engineering
Everything works(Radio, AC blows Hot and Cold, everything!)
Original Radio
No Rust!
TMS 'Shorty' Header, stock cat, and Supersprint catback exhaust
Billy sports with H&R Springs
Heated Seats
4.10 LSD!
Uncracked Dash! Perfect!
Stainless Steel Brake Lines, with Cross drilled performance rotors. I don't remember what pads are on though, but they are nice. Good stopping power!

The Bad-
Rough Idle if you turn off the A/C, otherwise perfectly fine.
the right tweeter/speaker sometimes stop working and crackle(I believe it's a wiring thing)

The pictures may be viewed at

It took me like 30 minutes to get all the pictures together, and pick the right ones out of the 100 I have. Please don't make me do this again >_<

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Beautiful E30 vert , I have :thumbup: always wanted one of these. I would love to take it off your hands now, but if I can convince the wife, I would have to sell my ducati and jeep to get it.
I will keep an eye on your post and if it is meant to be, I will be in contact.
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