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Sad but the day has come i have to sell my e36:cry::cry: smh

car was originally forest green but paint has been updated to 2001 bmw blue... paint still good
Bilstein sports suspension (car is lowered)
sports exhaust (exhaust has a leak)
cross drilled rotors front n back
5 speed manual (ALUMINUM Pedals and gear shift)
Short throw shifter
transmission is good smooth shifts
Racing Dynamics Strut Brace
motor swapped from 328 190,000 miles on motor( motor is very strong car is from vermont 80% of those miles are all high way miles)
car is very fast but was never used for racing just regular driving
5 star 17' rims on low profile tires
full spare in trunk
car never been in a accident
power widows
a/c has been removed
heat works/ heated seats
new battery
car maintained regularly
NO RUST.... no dents
interior driver seat is bad but rest of seat or ok not perfect but good for a 92

no windshields wiper (the motor went i removed old windshield motor brought a new one but
didnt get around to installing it but it comes with car)

sun roof doesnt work i never looked into it cause it didnt bother me not having the sunroof but i think it might just be a fuse not sure never looked into it...

1 small dent on right rear fender

CAR WILL NOT START...... bmw hasnt been started since January 2014
car sat for 2 years without being started when i finally got around to looking bad into the car 2 months ago car will not start MOTOR CRANKS WHEN I TRY TO START IT , but it wont start im not 100% why it wont start but i know its nothing major prob just a blown fuse or a bad rely car ran and started perfect before it sat for 2 years

its a great car i really dont want to sell it but its that time i dont have the extra cash to bring her back to life lol

im in the NYC area QUEENS NY $2000 cash

better pics will be coming soon


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