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1995 325i tail light question

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Hey everybody I'm confused and need your help. I need to replace the right rear tail light on my '95 E-36 4-door sedan and I thought that all years from 92-98 would be the same. I found what I thought I needed but the connector in the back was different and the guy said it was because of the obc. Can anybody explain the differences and better yet, can somebody tell me they have an extra set because of changing out to clears:) Please let me know and send me e-mail at [email protected] thanks, ben
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If I remember correctly, the later models of E36s comes with something called "check control", it tells you which bulb is out when you start your car. Maybe that's connected to the OBC? I think they started using check control since the production of 328i/ic has started? Unsure about that though :dunno:
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