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My 1997 528i 4 speed automatic transmission, abs, traction control, dual front and side airbags, dual zone climate control, sunroof, etc....

Custom black/gray interior by AC Schnitzer, ACS body kit,side mirrors, ACS floor mats, ACS strut brace, ACS peddle set, ACS interior trims and ACS cat-back exhaust.

Suspension: Eibach Pro-kit with Belstein dampers.

Wheels:AC Schnitzer type 1, 18by8 and 18by10 wheels with 235/265 tires. Tires are almost new with 3k miles on them.

This car has about 110,000 miles on the engine block and with recent rebuilt cylinder head by a respected Porsche Machine shop(Vellios).
The following are BMW original items that were replace with the cylinder head, all with than 1k miles on them: New radiator fan, new radiator hoses, new belts, new thermostat and housing, new motor mounts, new radiator, new radiator overflow tank, new secondary O2 sensor, new head bolts, new injector seals, new fuel filter, and BMW rebuilt diff three years ago.

What the car needs: have it smog, it is showing an error code for the o2 sensor?

Cosmetic stuff: driver's seat is torn, the sunroof does not work due to two broken plastic arms ($60.00)parts, both the front/back cup holder is broken, BMW cup holder sucks and doesn't hold anything well anyways, the front spoiler need to be repaired, the engine compartment insulation is brittle and torn up($45.00).

This car is solid as a tank and drives well, the handling is far better than most car sold now! I've had this car since 2000 and have put about 90k miles on it since. I'm selling my BMW because don't have the room or the time to work on it anymore. As you can tell, I've put a lot of time an money into this car. This would make a wonderful project for those that have the time and patience.


Thanks, jay

Best way to reach me [email protected] or text/call at 702-325-7414
I'm located in Lake Elsinore, CA near Canyon Lake.


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Here are more details regarding the mechanical condition of this vehicle.

The car had its emission check two months ago, it failed the test due to the ***8220;check engine***8221; light coming on during the test cycle.
The result from the actual emission were very clean, well below the state limits in all categories. If the cats were bad, it wouldn***8217;t have pass the emission

The fault codes that I got with my Peake research tools were.


There is one or two more but I don***8217;t remember what they were. I have since cleared the codes.

I forgot to mention that both rear power window are not working at this time. The left rear has a broken regulator and the right might be a bad motor.

The A/C has a slow leak at one of the condenser hose next to the radiator.

As mentioned before, the front bumper is semi sagging due to my wife hitting a curb. The ACS spoiler is in good shape just need to have the small tear repaired and the bumper painted.

I have all receipts for the headwork and the other recent repairs.

What you have is a solid mechanical running car that needs to have the check engine light cleared/repair permanently.
The cooling system is the weakest point in these 5 series cars. I wish I had caught the problem before it had happen.

New cooling related items;


You***8217;ve also got 20k miles on the Eibach Progressive springs and Belstein damper. Newer tires.
I had the rear diff replace with BMW rebuild item. I think it need a new guibo too.

Thank you, Jay
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