1997 BMW Z3 1.9
VIN 4USCH7327VLB77787
Manual transmission Hellrot red, beige top, Oregon beige leather. Bought as 4th owner in 2012 at 32,000 miles, 52,000 miles now. Kept as 3rd car in attached garage, only driven in good weather, top remained down under tonneau cover from May to October.
Major maintenance:
32,000 Replaced tires.
33,000 Replaced struts and shocks.
36,000 Replaced top (failed window zipper).
42,000 Preemptively replaced radiator and entire cooling system.
44,000 Replaced battery.
Minor maintenance: Replaced seat bushings, clutch slave hose, spare tire, camshaft sensor, steering wheel slip ring, clutch pedal (Mason) and bushing (bronze), door vapor barriers (foam), and floor mats. Greased window sliders.
Info that can be emailed:
Ownership history (Word)
Maintenance log (Word table, 3 pages of specifics, based on a binder of receipts).
MPG log (Excel, 3 pages).
Kelly Blue Book value screenshot.
Accessories included:
OE rigid folding tonneau cover
Roadster Solutions soft tonneau cover
Roadster Solutions cockpit cover
Roadster Solutions window and boot well soft covers
Strong Strut strut bar
Padded armrest