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1998 BMW 318i Automatic
Exterior: Red (Hellrot)
Interior: Beige (Sand)
Odometer: 118k miles

Location: Northwest Dallas, TX

Asking $1500

I***8217;m posting my E36 project car for sale. My wife purchased this car in 2001 with 19k miles, and it has been in the family since. A few years ago, I took it over as my project car, with the plans to convert it into an M3 for a fun daily/occasional track car. I have already installed full M3 suspension and brakes using OE parts, and replaced all wear items with new parts. My next steps were to swap the M44/auto with an S52/5-spd. However, too many things to do and too little time. I***8217;m hoping someone else will take this project to completion. Here***8217;s a list of what the car has:

Front Suspension
- New M3 spindles from Bimmerworld, new hub/bearings, ABS sensor
- New lower control arms (96+ 31-12-2-228-461/2)
- New LCA bushings (96+ 31-12-9-069-035)
- New Koni Sport strut inserts into stock strut housing
- New spring seats, bump stop, upper strut mount (96+ 31-33-2-227-897/8)
- 96+ OE front stabilizer bar (D23, 31-35-2-227-996) with new bushings
- New stabilizer links (31-35-2-227-203)
- H&R sport springs (29910.2)

Rear Suspension
- M3 rear trailing arm with new hub/bearings, ABS sensor
- New RTA bush (33-32-6-770-817) with limiters (can***8217;t remember the brand)
- New RTA x lower control arm bush (33-32-6-775-551)
- New RTA x upper control arm bush (33-32-6-775-551)
- New Lower control arm x sub-frame bush (33-32-6-770-824)
- New upper control arm x sub-frame bush (33-32-1-092-247)
- New sub-frame x body bush (33-31-9-066-671, 33-31-0-059-301)
- New diff carrier bolt (33-33-2-227-291)
- New diff front mount bush (33-17-1-134-871)
- New Koni Sport shocks
- New rear shock mount (E46 M3 33-52-6-779-670)
- New RSM reinforce plate (Z3 51-71-8-413-359)
- New parking brake shoes/hardware
- H&R sport springs (29910.2)

- Z3 1.9 steering rack (32-13-1-095-575) rebuilt with new seal kit (32-13-1-094-629)
- New steering lower U-joint (32-31-1-159-866)
- New tie-rods (32-11-1-139-315/6) and rack boots

- M3 OE calipers front/rear, rebuilt with new seals (34-11-1-157-037, 34-21-1-158-578)
- Stainless brake hose
- M3 master cylinder, with new O-ring and reservoir gasket (34-31-2-227-466)
- PBR 1131R/1132R brake pads
- New pad wear sensors

- M3 half-shafts (33-21-2-228-513) necessary to fit to M3 rear hub/bearing
- 3.91 open 188mm rear diff

The car starts and drives right now, but the stock automatic transmission lurches a bit. That was my excuse to swap in an S52/ZF 5-speed ***61514; Body is straight, never been in an accident. There is no structural rust, and underbody is very clean. Even though we lived in Michigan, this car was always washed and underbody cleaned after every snowfall. However, there is a rust bubble about 2-inches across on the rear trim, just between the trunk opening and the rear bumper. There are two eraser-head sized spots on the front wheel arches where the paint was chipped. In addition, there were paint chips on the front nose finish panel. These were rattle-canned by a member of the family that shall remain anonymous***8230;

Interior is clean and in good condition. Gauges, windows and locks all work. However, the sunroof motor gave up the ghost.

I have also accumulated a mountain of engine/drivetrain parts to complete my original intentions with this project. Those parts will be listed in a separate FS thread.

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