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I hate that this is my first post, but don't hold it against me. I have owned and loved BMW's for over 20 years and I work for BMW as well so that helps! I have had little time to participate in forums over the last few years so there are my excuses.

Before I list my loved car on Ebay, I want to post it here as I think this is where it will be most appreciated and find the best home.

Heres the description: 1998 M3 convertible, 5 spd with Magma interior, estoril blue- 50,800 original miles!

I am the second owner having purchased this in 2004 from the original owner with about 14,000 miles on it. I work for BMW and the vehicle has enjoyed nothing but the best technicians working on it-ever. This is the most reliable and enjoyable vehicle and BMW I have ever owned. I am selling it due to a back injury as I can apparently no longer drive a manual car without experiencing long-term pain, otherwise I would keep it forever.

I will start with the few things that bother me on the car that I have not repaired yet.

1) Two small dings in the passenger side door, driving me nuts and I have not taken the time to repair them.

2) The rear rims could use refinishing. The drivers rear is peeling and the passenger rear has a curb mark where I scraped it pulling out of a parking lot avoiding some crazy lady in an Escalade, on her phone, and most likely beating her kids at the same time.

3) The drivers seat. The seat back bolster wore out (typical) and I decided to replace the leather. I had to make a decision- the seat back leather was about $400.00, but I wanted to replace the foam inserts for the back and bottom as well- both very expensive as well. I chose to replace the foam for the back and bottom cushions with OEM BMW seat foam and replace only the side bolster leather. I notice it, but no one else has ever commented on it and it looks pretty good. Plus, the rest of the seat is ten times better now with the new foam back and bottom and anyone who knows about seat repairs will tell you that the foam backing is the most important part! I only mention it because usually I do everything to perfection on my cars.
This car is in excellent condition throughout. I would not hesitate to drive it across country and back, over and over. I have not had to repair much at all in the 36,000 miles and 8 years I have had it.
In August of 2011 the A/C compressor went bad out of no where. I replaced the compressor, receiver/dryer, and expansion valve with OEM BMW parts to ensure no debris in the system because if present, debris could damage the system. This was a $3,000 repair at the dealer. Needless to say, the A/C blows ice cold and should stay that way for many years to come. Also note that the climate control module has received the ***8220;update***8221; repair (sent out and guaranteed for life) so you won***8217;t ever have a problem with the fan changing speeds by itself or not working.
I mounted and balanced four new tires in October, 2011, they currently have about 500 miles on them and are pristine. The spare tire is OEM- I think I used it once so its in mint shape. New brake pads (OEM) and new brake rotors (X-drilled from Turner Motorsport) also have about 2-3,000 miles on them. Drive belts replaced in August, 2011 with A/C parts. Oil service done every 3k miles or at least once per year.
New OEM BMW plastic rear window. I replaced this in June of this year (2012) as the old one was just cloudy.
I replaced the steering wheel with an awesome one Tainik on ebay sells. Really looks amazing and I get a lot of compliments on it. The perforated leather combined with an OEM look really makes for better feel and looks.
I replaced the front windshield/hood cowl in May, 2012 as the old one was beginning to crack. This is the rubber/plasic surround at the base of the windshield. Note: when I replaced this I decided not to reinstall the wipers. It looks cleaner and I never drive it in the rain. This is why in some pictures the wipers are not present. The wipers (full arm and blade assembly) are included in the auction and I can install them if the buyer prefers.
Replaced the seat belt side guides (where the wind deflector sits) for cracking over time along with the antenna grommet.
The vehicle is all 100% stock with the exception of the lights. The front side markers, fender markers, and rear lights are OEM BMW Red/Clears. The headlights are glass with LED Halos, looks really nice on this car. Please note, I do have the original headlights, they are pristine, and included in the auction.
The car also has a K4o front and rear laser radar, works awesome, with the switch/dial in the console. The led***8217;s are in the cluster. It works perfect and I have had it for 8 years. Comes with an OEM BMW car cover. This will be put in the trunk. The car also has the wind deflector, a must with the top down. The floor mats are also new OEM BMW.

Also included is a new lower (BMW OEM) black trim/spoiler. I have not installed this yet and purchased it because the original one has a few small scrapes. I***8217;ll leave it up to the buyer to install it.

The car has an accurate, perfect car fax. Note, this vehicle has never seen snow or driven in foul weather or had accident damage. Please feel free to let me know if you are interested. The car is amazing! Thanks


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Thanks, I usually dont post things for sale in the forums, especially as a new member. Just seeing if there is interest. In my experience, if someone is really interested they may ask for more info. Its going on "the bay" tomorrow, if it sells great, if not, still great as I hate parting with it...
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