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OK, if and when I line up garage space in SF, I WILL get a BMW, dammit.

Im thinking 1999 323i.

But I have some questions about mods (nothing fancy for now):

1) Not a huge fan of the old school steering wheel. Can I swap it for the new sport steering or an M steering? Will the airbag work?

2) Wheels. Not sure what wheels came with '99 SP, but it sure would be nice to have something nice. Well, what can I expect to pay for an upgrade? Eg, I like the 17" ones that come with 330 (m68s?).

3) I dont think 323 came with alumninum trim. cost?

4) what other el-cheapo mods would folks recommend. I readily admit that Im not looking to make performance enhancements.

5) any body-kit type stuff?? cost?


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1) non-SP airbag won't work on the SP or M wheel.

2)M68's + rubber 1200-1500 off someone who doesn't want them?

3) dunno, call circle or pacific.

4) CAI, exhaust, shark injector, H&R springs and UUC antiswaybars(or Dinan or whoever you like). I'd go for performance over cosmetic if I were you.

5) ACS.

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As an owner of a 1999 323i SP, I never liked the V-spoke wheels that came with the car. I would suggest you get the type 44 of the 328i SP. The M wheels of the 330i are fine but I don't care staggering the size of the tires.

Btw, the V-spoke wheels look nice on the Z3 and there may be some Z3 owners who are willing to buy them from you.

Also, check the steering wheel of the 323i SP first. They are different than the non-SP. IMHO it feels better than the M one. But that is a subjective opinion.

I agree with bol, go with performance modifications. If you are getting an auto transmission (taboo here but hey, free speech), you may want the Dinan software. It makes the car shift faster. I went with the full Dinan package (CAI, stage II software, and exhaust). The added performance is modest but it does change the feel of the car.

Have fun
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