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1999 528i need direction

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hello all,
I'm working on a buddies 528i. He came to me with a fe problems. Dead battery Starter thier easy. His windows all except passenger front won't work along with alarm, power locks. I had same problem with a sebring ended up being a fuse and window switch. i found fuse boxes and details on them. Lost from there. can anyone point me in the right direction. thanks all
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You have seen the card above the fuse box in the glove compartment showing what fuses do what, correct?
Not in his car. i found a forum on this site and thats all i can find so far. he dont have a owners manual.
open the glovebox and twist the white thumb screws, the fuse panel will lower down into the open glove box.
Yes i found that and I have checked all the fuses they are all good. How often do the windo switch or motors go out and are they connected in another fuse thats. not marked
I read the window motors rarely fail, usually the regulator mechanical. Listen closely if they are still trying to work.
I'm not familiar with the sedans, but on my touring there are more fuses in the rear (near the battery compartment).
I also found them but none bad. thanks anyhow
Ok got power to the drivers door weird sound theres 2 cables. 1 dont do nothing the other pops. And that switch only works drivers door. drivers rear went down i puched it to go up and now theres a grinding sound. it was slow going down thou. passenger's rear is off track but no power to it at all or should say it doesnt make a sound. fun fun
ok everyone help. i need picture or something. drivers rear window that was grinding. well figured out problem. the cable system isn't. how to say on track . i need to kno which cable goes ere and ho to get slack to put on other pulley
Sounds like 3 of the 4 window regulators are bad.... google BMW e39 window regulator and see what you get.
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