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I got a new bimmer. Have to sell my older car
1999 Accord, LX, Black, manual, AC, power doors/windows in very excellent condition is for sale. one owner/driver.

Miles: 79,500
Asking Price: $7500.00

These services were done a few days ago:
-oil change
-wheel rotation
-new floor mats

Interior and exterior in excellent condition. No door dings or dents, very smooth. Engine has been very well taken care of. Drives very well.

Additional notes:
-Tires were changed at 60K miles. These are 60K tires. So you have another 40K left.
-Battery is only about 6-7 months old. High current battery.
-AC filter changed about 9 months ago.
-Radiator flushed about 9 months ago.

Gas mileage: 15 gallon capacity. Provides 400 miles in city and 450-475 in the highway for every tank of gas.

I am looking for people in the Dallas area. I live in Plano. If you are interested please send me a PM.
Thank you!
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