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1st major problem with my 528i!

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I went outside to start my car today and I noticed that when I was reversing I had a new light on the bottom right hand corner of my cluster, so I put the car in park and started to read my manual. I found what the symbol was (its the ! with the "gear symbol" around it.) The TRANS FAILSAFE PROG. Now Im not a person who knows much about these cars as im only 16 yrs old, but can someone help me. My car is a 1998 528i(auto) with 136,000 miles on it. It has run really well for the past 3 months until this. :mad:
Help please!:bawling:

EDIT: I left my car off for about 10 minutes with the parking brake on, now my car starts but I have a check engine light!!
Im not sure if this has any thing to do with it but, I have only 1 orange light and 1 red light left on my oil level lights. I also ran a search and I found that this can be caused by a bad battery, but mine is only 3 months old. Or can the alternator be draning the battery?
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Im yet to have any weirdness on my 97 523i i6(knock on wood),but I be thinking maybe gear box sensors :dunno: or maybe new oil:dunno: see if your were driving around the last few days with out any degraded transmission performance (you ya self did feel any thing),don't go jacking around with any thing if ya don't know.

When was the last time the motor oil was changed? Not that I think all ya weirdness i caused by that.

Other thing to do, is get some one to check the codes it should be spiting out with an electronic fault reader
Im guessing the motor oil was change probly 3-5K miles ago, but im not sure....Ive only had the car a few months and havent changed the motor oil since. I will be making some calls tomorrow to some BMW shops here in Houston and see what they think. The "TRANS SAFE PROG" went away now but I have a check engine light.:dunno:
goto autozone and borrow their code reader. It will tell you whats wrong with your car. looking from the mileage on your ride, there could be a number of things, o2 sensor, maf sensor, cps senor all needs to be replaced.
I didnt know the battery would make the "check engine" light come on?
Last time my engine light came on the gas cap had to be reseated.
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