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2.8 coupe brake upgrade

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Anyone upgraded the Z with brakes from an M coupe/roadster. I have a line on a set (rotors & calipers, front & rear) removed from a S-54 M coupe thats upgrading to Brembos. Hoping it's a bolt on retrofit. Have my doubts though due to larger diameter M rotors. Thanks for any info!
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If you have 17" wheels, the front will be a bolt-on retrofit.

The rears will require upgrading to M trailing arms among other things. Fairly complex. Not bolt on.
Wouldn’t you have to do more for the front? i.e.- larger dust shield and relocation of the caliper mounting holes (farther away from center to accommodate the larger rotor)?

im still trying to find the easiest way change my rear rotors from solid ones to vented.
I think you will need the caliper mounting brackets to relocate the calipers in front.

Not sure abou the rear, but trust JonM to know.
I can't remember the specifics exactly. I researched all this one day at work when I was bored. The front was relatively easy and doable. The rear was much more difficult and expensive.

Had a feeling it wouldn't be easy! Better to know now. Stock brakes fine for my track events. M rotors and calipers would have looked great though. I can't see the sense in just doing the fronts and I'd be concerned about upseting tht front/rear bias. Thanks again for the info!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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