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Some of you may have read my previous post re: the sticky pedal fix and the improvement it has made in the overall driving experience. My car is one year old on 10/10 and I bought it a present - the UUC SSK. Installed it this weekend with the upgrades and RK2. Man, that clip is a #$%&!!

I am not the type of person who is easily convinced that a change, because it is a change, is an improvement. Being objective and systematic is my way of life. Objectively, the throws are very precise, short, with slightly increased inertia. No vibrations or noise.

Satisfaction is subjective however. Read the HACK's review of ACS springs. What one person's definition of improvement is another's recipe for disaster. In MY opinion, the features of the SSK in combination with the changes in the pedal fix have further increased my enjoyment of this car. Almost one year to the day from delivery and I am more excited about driving to work tomorrow than I was last year.

If anyone wants tips on the install just e-mail.
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