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2 month update on meguiar's medallion

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well, today makes 2 months to the day that I last waxed the car with meguair's medalion. it was only waxed this time. a full three step process hasn't been done for probably 6+months.

anyway, last weekend I used for the first time, believe it or not, meguair's Final Inspection spray on the paint. the finish was okay to begin with but I was pleasantly surprized with the shine. I usually wax the car every 3-4 months and never use the final inspection spray. my car always looks good.

I think most people that use zaino and getting good results are probably following the plan of using the gloss enhancing spray regularly. so when I start using the zaino, I'm only going to polish the car as often as I wax it now. and I'm going to use the gloss spray as infrequently as I do now. so you see, zaino really has a lot of work to do before it impresses me.
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Kempe you may be onto something. When Zaino gets into your skin when you put it on, it affects the brain, it turns you into someone with OCD and you do polish and detail alot more, at least that has been my experience. That may account for the brilliant results. Heck its bound to last longer if you have 23 freaking coats of it on there! 31st I also look forward to your observations as well. :thumb:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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