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Burger Tuning the leader in BMW Turbo ECU tuning now offers a JB4 stage 2 tuning solution to the S55 F80 / F82 BMW M3 and M4. BMS JB4 Stage 2 S55 is the best tune for your M3 / M4 whether you are looking for a slight power increase to your daily driver, or maximum power increase for race cars. The S55 JB4 stage is compatible with fully stock cars and heavily modified cars as well.

Burger Tuning S55 JB4 stage 2 installs and uninstalls easily (less than 45 minutes). BMS Stage 2 Jb4 offers code reading and deleting, boost limit for first and second gear, 7 preset maps for different modifications and fuel quality, full E85 support and full E85 support

BMS Jb4 stage 2 S55 tuner is now offered in an all new weather proof aluminum enclosure to protect to give your JB4 extra protection. The Stage 2 JB4 S55 tune is also offered with OBD cables for an untraceable install and added features including gauge hijack.

Map Guide:
Map 0: Disable JB4 / Full Pass Through Mode
Map 1: Stage1 map adding approximately 40whp and 40wtq across the power band on pump gas. Suitable for all stages and fuel mixtures.
Map 2: Slightly more aggressive version of map 1 intended for vehicles with exhaust modifications and 93+ octane fuel. Can also be used with E85 and racing fuel mixtures.
Map 3: Slightly less aggressive version of map 1 intended for vehicles running on lower grade fuels such as 91 octane.
Map 4: OEM performance but with JB4 active for diagnostics only.
Map 5: //M low torque / linear throttle map.
Map 6: Custom tuning map.
Map 7: Race gas map. Requires 100 octane unleaded fuel and for the fuel mass connector to be installed. This map can also be used with up to 35% E85.
Map 8: Methanol Injection map. Requires BMS FSB controller or methanol kit for progressive mapping and safety systems.
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