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So I have this e46 that was hit on right rear of the car backing out of my driveway by some asshole flying down my street in a hurry. From what I can tell it will be a total loss from the insurance company. However I got to keep the car long story short and I am trying to determine if it***8217;s not only possible or if I would be in way over my head. Keep in mind I am a auto tech and my family has automotive background as well.

The rear is pretty twisted up from what I can tell, the back window blew out, the frame rails by where the spare tire would be and the battery in the truck are bent pretty hard.
My thought?? Find a matching car in the junk yard and cut in front of the rear seats and straight up before the rear window mounting points. Now I***8217;m sure I could words this all so much better I***8217;m more less just trying to find out if anyone has ever done something like this and if anyone could point me in the right direction please and thank you ahead of time. I have posted pictures to show some what of damages by just a glance.


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