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I splurged and bought a great new portable vacum: Ridgid Porta Pak's 5 gal unit that fits in the trunk and everything (cord, hose, attachments) stores in the side compartments. Works super and is my number 1 vac for on-site work. I tried it at the shop and like how handy it has become.

On to the cars: This black 740iL needed a ton of paint correction to get right: wet sanding, compounding, polishing....the works! But the results came out nice for a car with 100,000 miles on it.

Here's a pic of the shop vac. I got this at the local Home Depot for $99.

Next up: a very nice AMG C55 (the owner used to have an M5). This supercharged street rod sounded fantastic. Didn't get a ride in it...but was promised one when time permits.

The car had a lot of brake dust and swirls. Used Meguiar's Hot Rims to clean and neutralized that with soap and water. For the paint, I used Menzerna IP + 106FF and finished off with Pinnacle XMT360.

Before on paint

After IP and 106



See Ya
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