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I'm looking for advice for repairing a 2000 Z3 convertible top window seal, if possible. The top is the original (13 years old) and is still in decent shape but is showing some wear. The car has been stored indoors since new. Last month I noticed that the rubber beading on the real window seal was separating from the seam and the edge of the top material. Thinking that the beading was originally glued in place I attempted to epoxy everything together and it lasted for about two weeks and then came apart again (see photos as it is now). Since then I have done some research and one site that sells replacement windows states that the rubber beading is actually part of the window (as delivered from the manufacturer), and that if it become separated the whole window needs replacing.

I am now considering three options, trying to repair it again, replacing the window or replacing the whole top. I don't want to replace the whole top right not if I don't need to, but from what I can gather on the web, replacing the window is almost as costly as replacing the whole top and looks like a real challenge to do yourself. The window is the zippered in type but without a permanent zipper pull. From what I have read it is not easily replaced correctly, and then still has to be reglued to the top fabric, which is not too different from my current situation. If I can find the right adhesive I don't see why I can't reglue the bead back on. See the photo showing the bead being held in place by hand.

Has anyone had experience with this problem and have successfully repaired the seam in any way? Please advise.


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