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K, So my car is running fine since the time Ive owned it(3 Months). Now its starting to give me issues . Last week or so I accidentally put in Unleaded gas and then 2 days later I felt my clutch pushing back and feeling bubbly...
I was waiting for the Unleaded gas to clear out and then put PREMIUM and that gas treatment.
I was at the car wash on Sat and turned off my car to wash it and then started it again . It would not start @ all !!!!
It seemed like it was the Fuel pump but get it .. I got it towed to my place n called a BMW mechanic to my house (MON) and before he can touch it .He listened to the fuel pump turn on and said ''Start it'' So I did and It was STARTING FINE !!!!! :eeps: WTF?!!!! :yikes:

I checked out the air filter<DIRTY , then I changed it to a new one.
My oil change is over due from 300 miles ago but I used FULL SYMTECH OIL 10w30.
I bought the oil and O Filter also am going to get it done ASAP !

Everytime I am in first gear , I hear this weird Noise .It seems like I have to give it alot of gas n let go of the clutch n then it goes ...
Has anyone had this issue? If so PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!! :mad:
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