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2001 525i is drawing power

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So, just like the title says, if I do not drive the car for a couple days, the battery is down. Had it check out and the dsc is drawing power. So, is there anyway that I can disconnect the system or pull the fuse?
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No help?
Have you looked at the card in the fuse box to check for DSC fuse?

How do you know it is DSC? Did they measure current through a particular fuse?

Some good how to's on here for battery drain tracking.
Go to the VERY best of E39 Links and type /battery F3 and you'll find these, among others:
- Why a bad final stage unit will cause the battery to drain overnight (1) (2) (3)

In addition it will locate this, which has a section on isolating parasitic draw:
- DIY how to test a BMW E39 battery & alternator
replace FSR (final stage resistor). ~$70 bucks and a 15 min job (most of which you'll spend in an awkward upside-down position). access is from the passengers side foot well.
thank me later.
I was told by a BMW service center that the DSC was the problem. Even the DSC caution light is on the dash
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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