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G'Day !!
So after I have finished my external transmission cooler (and very happy with the results), I noticed that I get these usual error codes.....Trans fail safe, O2 sensor bank 1, tranny oil temp sensor.......these one tell me that my battery voltage is low. So I charge my battery over night on my battery charger and put it back in and all codes are gone.....after a day or 2 they come back so I am quite sure my alternator is on its way out. When I go to the hidden menu in the cluster I will get a battery charge (while driving) between 13.2 (13.3) (while under 2000 rpm) and 13.6 and 13.8 beyond 3000 rpm.

So now I am looking for spare parts for my 150A water cooled alternator. I checked FCP (even though the shipping costs are out of this world) but the regulator they offer for my bosch unit has a rectangular plug and mine is roundish at one side.
Does anybody know where I can get spare parts for it? oh I havent open the unit yet and want to wait unitl I have all the parts together so I am not sure if it has a slip ring/slip ring assembly in it. If it has, I am looking for that one, too.

So parts I need: Bosch part number 0 122 0AA 1J0
1. Voltage regulator (comes usually with new brushes)
2. O-Ring
3. slip rings

Oh by the way.....No I dont want to buy a reconditioned one just the spare parts please.

Cheers heaps from Tassie?Australia


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