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Writing this saddens me more than any of you can know. I have always been a huge BMW fan and have owned a slew of wonderful BMW's. I was beyond thrilled to find this 2001 BMW M3 Dinan S3-R for sale just 3 miles from my house. This car belonged to Dinan's chief engineer since new. He worked for Dinan for 18 years and was in charge of developing the e46 S3-R. This serialized S3-R is THE FIRST e46 S3-R Dinan built. This very car has been featured in 9 magazine articles (links to a few):

European Car Magazine Article
Car and Driver Magazine Article

It's the car on Dinan's website for E46 M3 products and in their hardcopy brochure: Brochure

It has EVERY item Dinan made for this car (see attached receipt from Dinan)and a few items that did not make it to production (larger sway bars, slight retune for 470WHP, and custom rear tie rod ends).

Clutch has 40k on it, rear tires are shot, front tires have 80% tread left. EVERYTHING on this car works as it should. He babied the car for all 11 years of his ownership. I acquired it about a month ago.

Six days after buying the car, and with having put only 6 miles on it myself, there was an accident. :(:( I don't really care to get into the details of it as I've lived it over and over and over... and over, in my mind and I do not want to get into any debates of coulda-shoulda-woulda. There was a light pole involved, no one was hurt. No airbags were deployed. The car was totalled by my lovely insurance company (who decided not to cover ANY of the mods)... so now I am stuck with several lessons :rolleyes and a financial hit. I would prefer to not part the car out (unless I have to). I would like to see someone put it back together and put it back on the road where it belongs. If that fails, I will be willing to part it out. The car has 95k miles and is a solid9 out of 10 (before the accident) and paint work in the rest of the car is in amazing shape, as is the interior. As you can see in the pics, all the damage was confined to the font end. The pole was hit dead center with the emblem at about 20-25MPH. The fenders are fine, and I still have both headlights. The front passenger side frame rail in the engine comaprtment ws pushed outwards slightly. The Ferrari/Aston/Bentley authorized body shop I took it to said it would be an easy tug on the frame machine. I just want to move on from this mess I created. The supercharger is intact, but the Dinan intercooler and Dinan radiator (as well as every thing else that is missing) is toast. The car is worth a bundle in Dinan parts alone ($62k in parts and labor)... I am looking for offers on the whole car. Please keep in mind that I have a firm written quote from Copart (wrecking yard) and they will give me$3800 for my car in STOCK form, so please be reasonable in your offers. You are welcome to inspect it at my residence in San Jose, CA. but I would like to hear what kind of numbers I get offered before I start showing it to everyone. I have the clear title in hand, but it will be a salvage title if you decide to rebuild it. I did some basic math and I believe that based on current market prices on eBay and other online venues, you could part this car out for about $20k, if you wanted to.... What you do with it is up to you.

If selling it as a whole fails, I will be selling the wheels, brakes, front and rear strut bars and the supercharger so I can return it to stock and sell it to a wrecking yard.

Before pics:

After pics:

Wheels and brakes are untouched:

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Is there any engine damage? Can you get quotes for repairs? Probably from Dinan to replace/fix the intercooler system, etc. and a the body shop estimate for the rest? Once we have an idea of what it will take to drive it again, we'll be able to make realistic offers.

I understand most places probably wont want to come out to inspect this for quotes, but it's worth a shot.
Deposit received, car is sold pending the remainder of the funds.

Thanks for all the interest!
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