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2001 vs. 2002 weight/acceleration

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After looking up the stats, the 2001 3-series weigh, on average, 100+ pounds more than the 2002 models. Yet, BMW listed them at the same 0-60 time. I think they're just lazy.
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according to BMW now though, which is why I mention it:

~150 lbs. = .5 seconds faster/slower 0-60.
i.e. The 330Ci/i weighs 150 lbs. lighter than the 330xi; 330Ci/i @ 6.4 seconds, 330xi @ 6.9 seconds.

just an observation.

there are tons of debates over which is faster, xi or Ci/i, but, regardless, the other variables aren't existent between the 2001 and 2002 models. So a 2001 330xi should still be slower than a 2002 330xi (and the same for i/Ci) based on the stats.

as far as other sources regarding Ci/i/xi, the xi has been tested at 5.8, compared to the Ci/i's best between 6.1-6.4 (from several magazines). The AWD creates better launches but adds more weight and is less efficient, YET it has a higher final drive ratio, making it quicker off hte line as well.
take this for what you will and decide which is faster, it's almost impossible to tell which cancels out/outweighs which part.

SONET, I see what you're saying, but that site also lists the 330Ci convertible as going 0-60 in 5.9 seconds as well, when it's 400 lbs. heavier than the 330Ci coupe. regardless, my original problem was w/ BMWNA because they were, i feel, inconsistant with their test results, probably due to marketing techniques.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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