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Hi everyone:

I know this issue is a dead horse being kicked over and over again, but I am still really confused.

I have an '01 X5 that was fully loaded at the time, including the factory CPT8000 phone in the center console, everything is still working fine, except of course TDMA being total crap.

Now, I was toying with the BTUM thought in order to get around the roughly $800 for 13gen ULF and what not, not so much the money, but I got two right hands and I'm a left-hander (two fried DICEs, a plethora of blown fuses for a simple XM install :eeps:)

Does anyone have first-hand experience if that darn thing works on my car or not? Some posts say it works, some posts say it doesn't, it's a nightmare.

Any first-hand experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thx a bunch.

If I have to go ULF, does anyone know what EAS charges for installation at their site?
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