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2001 Z3 Roadster SRS light comes on and off

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I have rare problem with my 2001 Z3, the airbag light comes on and goes off after leaving vehicle for a couple of hours, and comes on after a drive on restart.

I had my friend hook it up to Snap On Modis scanner while the light was on, there was no communication.

I let the vehicle set overnight and the ligth was off, took it to him again and the scanner had communication, but; no codes.

Drove the car for few miles and restarted the vehicle after get gas, Light ON again and scanner conneted no communication.

disconnected airbag harness in 3 different places, both seats (under) and also under dash and reconnected. Same problem.

Anyone can help here.

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SRS failures

But a peak SRS reset tool.
find the failure point.
Remove that seat Clean or replace the connectors on the seat sensor, and Seat belt sensor.
Reset the SRS.
And all is well.

:angel:Replace the connectors with a waterproof type. No more corrosion.
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