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2001Bmw 330ci coupe window bolt

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Replacing broken track in window. When I removed bolt that goes threw window to hold it in place, the parts fell to bottom of door...
Now stuck wondering what order they go in to put them back??
Any help from any one would be soooo appreciated :)
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. Hope I can figure it out, shows bolt sequence good, but not how wedge part and part that window sits in go together... Thank you though".
I know what you may have to pull the other side door panel to see how it all goes together...ugh!

I seem to remember that you need to pull the outside door side molding and tighten that bolt with an E-torx. You have to roll the window half way down to see where it attaches and get access to it via one of the openings under the trim- if it is the one I am thinking of- that way you can access stack-up from inside and outside the door. Good luck!
Youtube is your friend.

Thanks everyone for the Help, gonna need a little Luck on this project... Lol...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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