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2002 330 zsp owners!

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any issues with stalling/hesitation?? Mine has been perfect. I also have stage 3 Dinan upgrades, and it has had zero issues. Just wondering how other '02 330i owners are doing?

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Mine has been awesome so far. :thumbup:
zhp owners were ripped

+ 40k for a car that is BMW tweaked, yet fraught with issues.... shame

The zsp with performance upgrades has proven superior.
ooops. IMHO. better watch for the flames, he he.
Of course I refer to 02 ULEV m54, not SULEV.
I'm currently at 30K+ and only had annoying little problems and some parts replaced.

- Rear Shock Mounts replaced: twice on right, once on left
- Driver's side window regulator replaced: once
- Creaking driver's side window: lubed once

There is some creaking on the moonroof but dealer says they can't hear it.
There is some creaking on the rear deck but dealer says they can't hear it.

Aside from these, the car runs and handles great.
I just turned 71,000 miles and have had no problems except control arms which were replaced under warranty at 30,000 miles. :)
just over 40k and no problems yet (except all the rock chips on the front bumper :( )
June issue of Bimmer ! Tech Q/A addresses the M56 SLEV engine in CA, NY, MA cars.... Lower mileage is a fact of the stringent SLEV requirements. Unfortunate. Easy way to tell if you have the M56 is if the oil filler cap is hinged or not (M54) I still think the SLEV M54 engines in the other states are suspect for stalling.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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