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2002 330 CI
I ran over the steel part of a traffic cone and it DESTROYED that black undercarriage cover (i had originally posted this under an old user name of ctt6500 and can't recover that string for some reason). Also, ripped out some wiring that caused MANY dash issues system indicator. Most of that was fixed with the exception of the external temp gauge.

Now that it is cold, every time I start the car, the dash indicator for the temperature presents, the temp (which is incorrect obviously) flashes and I hear multiple beeps coming from the dash. AS WELL, now that it is cold, the battery indicator illuminates and the battery is brand new.

The last time this happened, BEFORE the wiring was repaired, my dash would freak out completely and my car wouldn't start and I had to start replacing fuses, A LOT.

My questions are:

1. WTH? Why now is the temp guage an issue? I've been driving it FOR MONTHS with no issues at all
2. Where do I get the black undercarriage cover?

Thanks for any advice. I"m tasked with purchasing the parts and no CLUE as to what I need. Once i get the parts, the labor is free (Thank the powers that be my son can fix most things!)
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