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2002 BMW 325 Ci Convertible FOR SALE... Rock Star Ride!

Asking $30,500. See PHOTOS at

This car is in IMMACULATE condition and has been my baby for 2 years now. I started working from home about a year ago and now this beauty just sits in my garage while I still make payments on it. I really DO NOT want to sell this car but I just can't see making payments on a vehicle like this when it only goes to the grocery store and Home Depot 2 days a week. I think you get my drift! I am basically preserving it in my garage so some lucky buyer!

The car was purchased thru Lexus of Clearwater in June of 2004 and I have owned it ever since. All maintenance work has been performed thru the factory warranty at Reeve's BMW of Tampa. I have always changed the oil with Mobile 1 pure synthetic since owning it and the car purrs like a kitten. It has been garaged since I bought it and gets a bath every week to keep her and the wheels shiny clean.

What I can tell you is that when driving this car, you ARE a ROCK STAR! I have owned a few nice cars in my day and nobody had ever given me the attention I receive in the beauty. People break their neck to see her go by and I am constantly getting complimented on the car and some wonder if it's a NEW 2006. I could go on and on about the way she drives, the stereo, the feel, the looks I get but after seeing the pictures below, I think you will understand. Whoever buys this car, it WILL change your lifestyle and status.... trust me!

Thanks for looking. Feel free to call me with any questions about this Beautiful Ride! I am only looking for SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY.

Jeff in Tampa, Florida - 813-963-1199 or email me at [email protected]

See webpage for OPTIONS / DETAILS
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