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This BMW 530i runs but not well, and has some substantial issues. Car is located in northeastern Connecticut (~5 miles from UConn). I have clear and clean title (State of Connecticut). 229K miles, gray exterior / gray interior, automatic transmission. Complete and detailed service and maintenance records since 104,000 miles; previous history is totally unknown. Previously a California car, was driven cross-country in May 2014 with 114,000 miles on it, and has put on an average of 28,000 miles a year over the last 4 years.

Interior generally clean and tidy but worn. Exterior has very light scrap on right rear fender and several small chips and scratches on front bumper.

Rear tires have ~20,000 miles on them; front tires ~34,000. Front brake pads and rotors ~14,000 miles of wear; rears ~35,000.

Fuel Pump replaced at 185,000 miles. Most recent tune up in December 2017 at 199,500 miles. Power Steering hoses, oil gaskets, and crankshaft seals replaced at 117,000 miles. Front struts and stabilizers replaced at 161,000 miles; rears at 171,000. Original key (I was only given 1 at purchase) wore out and would not turn in ignition and was replaced (including a new spare) at 224,394 miles (December 18, 2018).

Minor Issues
Needs oil change and one license plate light is out.

Long-term / On-Going Issues
At least half of the radio and dashboard lights don't work (this does not include warning lights – Service Engine, etc.) and have not since I purchased the car.

Both front seats are fine moving horizontally, but will not recline properly further back than the typical driving stance (one side of each seat goes back and one side does not, so the seat is ****-eyed). This also predates my ownership of the car.

Car burns / leaks small amounts of oil. It has done so since I have had the car (briefly stopped after above-mentioned replacement of gaskets). I have generally added 2-3 quarts (Mobil 1 5W-30) intermittently between oil changes (~every 6000 miles), and made out okay.

Left front brake linkages were repaired at 200,310 miles, but notification message still flashes at times, despite all attempts to clear it.

Since replacement of fuel pump, key must be turned to "on position", turned back to off, then turned normally to start car.

Windshield appears to have been replaced at some time before I acquired the car, as multiple sets of wipers have streaked during use.

Current Issues
P0141 code for Oxygen Heater Sensor. One of the catalytic converters was already replaced in 2017 in order to pass emissions.

P1344 and P1345 codes for engine misfires in cylinder no. 2. The ignition coil for this cylinder was replaced at 187,000, 215,000, and 218,500 miles ….. problem has continued to reoccur, and with increasing frequency. Car currently cannot be driven either faster than ~67 MPH or given too much gas pedal or it will misfire. Has also misfired at times when coming to a stop after a long period on the gas.

Right front window has stuck part way down twice in cold weather (was able to pull up on window and push button, and get window up). Both front window regulators have been replaced in the past.

After replacement of key, the airbag light has occasionally gone on and off, accompanied by the steering wheel lights and radio, with no effect on drivability.

The car has been very game, even in recent weeks going hundreds of miles while carrying serious issues, but I cannot carry on further with it. Despite all of above, the car will still usually drive short trips around town smoothly, and the steering wheel is still a joy to handle.

Car must be picked up by buyer. Sorry, I cannot take paypal or on-line payment – must pay in cash or USPS money order. Price is $800.


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