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2002 E65 735i - Gearbox won't engage Park

Hi All,

New to the forum. Just a query - just bought the above mentioned car - when I start the car up I get a gearbox malfunction warning saying "Gearbox Malfunction - cannot engage Park" ...

Automatically revert to Neutral which isn't a huge problem - the car drives silky smooth and all the gear changes are perfect - have done the 25 sec gearbox learning reset thing.

Apparently a new gearbox was put in under motor plan 2 years ago. On the history of the car there is a defect quoted "SHIFT QUALITY M/S GATE, UPSHIFT, AUTOMAT..." listed - the price for this was R28 225.38 (converted to pounds comes to 1520 pounds).

Does anyone have any thoughts on this??? Is it the gearbox or selector, etc...

Car is not on motorplan anymore and the work done was in 2008 Nov...

Thanks in advance
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