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I also have a 2002 325i and I think the steering is great. While I have never driven an older E46, I have heard the 2001 is much like an Accord. Also based on what I have heard, the 1999-2000 E46's had steering very similar to my wifes 2001 Z3.

When I first got my E46 I was a bit disappointed with the steering. I had expected it to feel like the Z3. This was before I ever visited this board and new about the 2001 issue. Well, after 03 months with the car, I actually prefer the E46 steering over the Z3.

I am sure most of it has to do with me getting comfortable with the car. Not to mention coming out of an Integra GSR. At any rate, I think the 2002 Steering is great. I would be very interested in driving a 2001 and a 1999 for comparison.

As an aside, since both you guys are also from Atlanta, where did you get your BMW's and do either of you live North of Atlanta?
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