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2003 530 standard wheels

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My 530 is "In Production" status 150. The dealership though, still doesn't know what the wheels will be on the non-sport pkg 530. One sales person speculates they will not be same as last year. He says they always change from the previous year so we bimmer nuts can tell new ones from older models. Yet another sales person says the 2003 wheels will be the same as 2002, which I really like. Any of you folks have more definitive answers??

an aside: Although placing a factory order requires patience, I have really enjoyed the experience so far. This way the car is absolutely tailored to my wife's tastes (its going to be her car) with no compromises. When the 6 series coupe is reintroduced and is in its 2nd year, I will likely order one to my specific tastes and not settle for inventory on the showroom floor. I guess thats a long-term heads-up for Jon and Franco.
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I have the same question, but also have the luxury of an early order (this month) and late delivery (May 03 if you can believe it). My sales guy is sending me the 03 specs as soon as he gets them. I'll check back in when I see them.
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