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2003 540i 15k

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2003 540i automatic 69k miles. Will consider trades up or down for a 00-03 m5 or someone who wants to upgrade from a cheap car. Car does have three issues. Grille on right side bumper is broken out along with fog light missing (hit something on road trip did not damage bumper but destroyed fog light and bumper grille) Headlight on left side is out. And the main problem is the drivers seat. About two weeks ago i slept in the car, when i raised the seat up only the right side raised. Both electric motors on seat are still working but the seat is twisted. Probably can be fixed by taking the seat out, but im not taking the time to do it as i want to up grade to an m5 anyways or possible some other cars im looking at. Anyways even at a dealer all three problems can be fixed for 1000 max. Silver with gray interior. Car has m sport wheels. (Amarillo, Texas)


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This is *not* an M-sport, correct? I see the cheap replica wheels, but I also see the chrome trim, so I'm thinking not, but need to know for sure before pursuing a possible transaction.
No this is not an M sport. The wheels however are not "cheap replicas" they are the same alloy wheels that come on the m sport. Also you can tell it is not an m sport by the front bumper and the fact that I never said it is an m sport. The price is 15 thousand will consider any type of trade.

i think i have the seat fixed
price reduction

14k. must sale. still consider partial trades

left headlight. seat is fixed. only problem now is missing foglight and right side bumper grille.
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