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2003 xenon lights go up and down a bit when turned on but cant be adjusted afterwards

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Recently bought a bmw 530i 2003 and the xenon headlights seem really low cant see more than 75–100ft.

When the lights are turned on they adjust up and down a bit but when i turn the allen key knobs to raise them the headlights dont move up or down.

In addition, the headlights seem a bit easy to move when gently moved. The sensor which is broken atm and is zip tied all the way up will move the headlights a bit but stops moving them after only a bit of movement.

Are the adjusters broken on the inside of the headlamps or am i adjusting them wrong?
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Busted adjusters. You can try the ship-in-a-bottle herculean task of replacing the adjusters without cutting into the housings, but I recommend finding some 2001-2002 lights to "rebuild" with new projectors and adjusters, plus new DJAuto lenses.
Yes, you’re seeing the auto leveling motor work when the lights move. The headlight adjusters hold the bulb assembly in place at the top of the assembly; the auto leveling motor holds it in place at the bottom. With broken adjusters, the up-down movement is minimal. When the adjusters are working properly, you’ll be surprised how much the lights actually dip.
Mine have started acting up. Sometimes the adjust upwards after being turned on, and occasionally they don't, which leaves them aiming too low.

Time to research my 02 options.
The adjusters are easy to check; is it adjusters or electronic?

If it's electronic, hopefully it's a ride height sensor. Those are easy to replace. I've heard of some dead early M5 LCMs; hopefully it's not that.
What's the best/easiest way to check? Like I say, they don't always point down. FYI I did check the adjustment arm last time car was in air, looks fine.

I don't have the patience for the repair method. I'm wondering if this isn't a good retrofit opportunity. Need to school up, maybe call the RFS guys.
Best way to check the adjusters is to simply grab the back of the low beam bulb and try to lift up the bulb assembly. If it moves an inch or so, you have bad adjusters.

The TRS guys? The retrofit source? I know Vision Auto Lab does good work, it's run by forum user ucsbwsr.
Looks like he does E60. Interested in hearing from owners who have retrofitted more modern projecters into stock headlight assemblies.
I've done it. You can read about it in this thread. I followed philly98540's process. Very happy with the results.
Wow - thanks for that thread, lots to learn. Kudos to your project skills. I'll probably be looking for a set that comes assembled.
There's a lot of geeky detail in that thread pertaining to custom modifications with chip on board style LED angel eyes; replacing the projector only is a far simpler project.
Wow - thanks for that thread, lots to learn. Kudos to your project skills. I'll probably be looking for a set that comes assembled.
Oh, yeah, and there's Lightwerkz Global. They do custom headlights as well.
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