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SOLD 2004 330ci w/smg Part Out


The car has just over 117K miles on it. Clean title.
Engine is in great shape. AC works. New DR49 black rims. 18X8 all around. New tires 225/40/18.
I have done my own maintenance to include oil, filter, transmission fluid, rear diff fluid, spark plugs, new front rotors and pads, cooling system refresh with exception of radiator, etc. owned since 2013 and I bought with 86K miles on it. The car has the sport package, premium package and the cold weather package.
The car does have an smg. I just put a new clutch actuator on it and I had also put a new smg pump on it just after I bought it. The battery was replaced at the same time. but now the shop told me that the dash board does not read correctly and is throwing an error, preventing the smg from shifting correctly. I had also put a new smg pump on it just after I bought it. The battery was replaced at the same time.
They run about 200 dollars but Im tired of all the work.
Also I cannot verify for sure but its possible that one of the 2 clutch position sensors on the transmission may need to be replaced. They run about 200 apiece but again Im tired.
The body is in great shape. the interior is clean and has only minimal wear on the driver side.
The frame was rebuilt due to hitting a curb, also why there is no airbag in the steering wheel.
Convertible top has no issues and works perfect.

See link below in post 2 for pics.

KBB private party sale values at 6100 with the fair rating which says that the car runs but may need some mechanical attention, which is true. To sell this im offering at 3K OBO.

Pics posted.

If you want something specific let me know.
Here is what Im working with right now.
NEW clutch cylinder actuator from ECS. 1000 shipped.
SMG pump 150 shipped.
Headlights are Xenon, make offer.
Wheels with tires (front are Kumho Ecsta) (rears are sentury-needed tires quickly) all new. 500 shipped.
Rear view mirror is clouded.

Any other part is based on you telling me what you want and Ill see if I can get a pic of it or if I can remove it for you. I think the only things not fair game is the tranny and the engine, although is someone local wants to come over with an engine jack we can certainly entertain my learning curve.
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