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2004 530I, Aux input

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I would like to set an appt at the BMW Stealership to install an Aux Ipod input connectoer in my car. Can you tell me whats invovlved with aspect and should I trust BMW with doing this.. Also what do you think they waould charge for this?
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the dealer charged me $250 just for coding ! i installed the aux myself but needed it coded to work :cry:
Find a good Indy shop they should be able to do it for you. At a much better price.

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Anyway the stealership will **** u all the time but they do a good job I tell u that much,I would go to a shop that I trust in beamers,I wanted to put the aux in my 530 I asked they toled me 300
Really, you did it by yourself, how did you do it and was it hard? please tell me whats invovled.
The part was about $60 but required taking the whole dash apart and plugging the aux into the back of the radio. This way you can choose where you want the aux in , I placed it in the slot above the astray.
Wooowww you must be handy with the BMW cause I would not even know where to start with taking out the dash apart:eek:
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