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2004 745Li - Parking Brake Actuator

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I recently installed a parking brake actuator to rid my dashboard of steady yellow (P) and parking lights. After I installed the brake, the light was gone. Once I put my car into drive and began to go they would come back on. I haven't noticed the actuator moving when I go from park to drive or reverse. Should it? The actuator I purchased was used, could this be a faulty unit?

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when you start to drive an at the time the light come on does the car feel like brake have been applied while car is in motion?
No, no noticeable difference from not having a unit in there at all.
Yeah it's those bloody gears cracked;(((. Is it complicated to rebuild the module yourself??? Looks kinda complicated, did anyone try?
im about to do try it this weekend just waiting on the part to get here i already took it all apart will see how it goes
If the gear is cracked, would I still be able to adjust the unit with a 6 mm allen wrench to install/uninstall the Bowden cables? Just wondering, because I was able to install it and manually move the unit then.
I'm just trying to verify before I return the unit, but if the gears are broken am I still able to adjust it to remove the bowden cables? I was able to adjust the unit with a 6mm allen wrench to install the bowden cables and I don't want to replace the unit to find out that it wasn't the gears that are the issue.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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