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I need some help on a few items. I have the above with 120K and has been well maintained.
The rear window defogger is not working, where is the fuse and the connection points to the window? This is an older issue.
I have had the yellow brake light, tire inflation and DSC light up several weeks ago then once restarted they went away.
Now they are back and do not go away. Everything appears to work but obviously something is wrong. This may or may not be connected but now the oil sensing device when activated just scrolls through but never registers the oil level. I have also had the windows (passenger side mostly and the drivers side one time) randomly go up half way and back down one cycle when closing the convertible top. This does not happen often. Can these items possible be related or is this coincidental?
Tires are properly inflated and but fails to reset.
Thanks for any help/suggestions.
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