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Please help!

Recently I took my Z4 in to a local independent mechanic that I have a good history with, to get a few things fixed (door lock issues, roof motor replacement). They fixed the roof fine and fixed part of the problem with the lock (actuator) but didn't fix another part of the problem (General Module). I told them for the $800 they wanted to replace the general module I'd rather just continue using the key. Yeah I know there's a guy in CA who fixes 'em.

When I got my car back, right away I noticed an issue with the radio (Business CD)...when I turn the car on, the radio is off, even if it was on when I turned the car off. I thought this a minor bother and asked them to please put back whatever setting they changed. They wanted another look at the General Module anyway so they said they'd take a look at it but they didn't change any settings.

When I picked my car up the second time, they had no answer about the radio. However right away I discovered a NEW the radio doesn't turn off with the key. As in, I can turn the car off and remove the key and the radio still plays. I have to manually turn it off every time I get out of the car or else it would kill the battery. Also, the power randomly turns off sometimes, unrelated to bumps or anything like that. I brought it back *again* and all they could say is "We looked it up and it appears that that model radio just goes bad, it's a common problem. You need a new radio." I replied "This radio ran without a glitch since 2004, and it just happened to 'go bad' on the afternoon you were messing with my electrical system?" and they just shrug. Needless to say I'm not trusting them with my car anymore.

Any ideas what it could be? I just tried disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery to 'reboot' it but that didn't help. Could they have just plugged something in wrong somewhere, or does it need to be reprogrammed or something? HEELLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!
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