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Hi everyone!

I've been following the forums for about a year now, and I have always found what I'm looking for without the need to post. I've now run into a little problem that I don't seem to find on the forums, so I've decided to post a question. :p

I just purchased a 2005 325 xi from a BMW dealership here in Canada. It wasn't a custom designed car, so I got one that had already arrived with certain features. One of the features was this "BMW Telephone Pre-Wire" and I haven't been able to get a set answer as to what this is!! I have called at least 3 dealerships and the head offices, each giving me a different answer as to what this is. I strongly believe that I'd get a better answer here :p !

Could anybody explain what this is to me? Could I get a bluetooth phone and hook it up to my car?

Thanks again for everything!!

- Daniel
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