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Getting a body kit placed on my 645ci and have no use for the OEM parts once taken off.

Parts are:
OEM Front and rear bumper covers
OEM hood

All parts are in excellent condition. No accident, no paint dings nor dents.

Also have an AF2 trunk spoiler. (See pics) ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1468783215.896294.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1468783232.683083.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1468783280.670253.jpg

Car is at body shop. Parts to be removed Monday 7/18.

Contact if interested.
ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1468782926.835083.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1468782982.876072.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1468782998.537115.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1468783013.405799.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1468783026.682044.jpg ImageUploadedByBimmerApp1468783041.826423.jpg
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